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Secondhand Forklifts

If you’re planning on buying a secondhand forklift then you need to be extra careful by carrying out a full evaluation of the forklift for sale.

Generally forklifts have a fairly long operating life, however, if you’re buying a secondhand forklift you have no way of telling how well the lift has been maintained and what kind of working conditions it has been subject to in the past. Although some secondhand forklift dealers will try selling you on information they propose to be true and correct, in many cases they won’t have any more idea than you about its history.

Things to consider when Buying a Secondhand Forklift

  • Does the secondhand forklift come with guarantees and service policies?
  • Check the hour metre to estimate the usage numbers
  • Check underneath for oil leaks
  • Never buy a secondhand forklift without testing all basic operations – check forward and reverse gear, lifting capacity, brake, and hydraulics including sideshift or extensions
  • Inspect hoses and cables for signs of wear and tear
  • Check the framework for rust – be cautious if you find a fresh coat of paint that could be covering a problem
  • As always, be wary of salesmen that are trying too hard to sell the secondhand forklift

Buying forklifts from dealers

It is always better to investigate new and used forklifts at reputable forklift dealerships. New forklifts have different warranty policies on drive train and other systems, however, don’t rule out secondhand forklifts coming with a limited warranty.

In addition, if you choose an established forklift dealer, you can be sure that they will try to work out any problems that you might have. Dealers in heavy equipment like forklifts work hard to build up a trustworthy reputation in their industry, so they'll often go above and beyond to make sure you get a forklift you're happy with.
Value Materials Handling are the sole distributorsof Komatsu Forklift’s, Lancer Sideloader’s, and Ranger Rough Terrain Forklift’s in South Africa. View their range of forklifts and contact them now if you want to buy a forklift in South Africa.


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