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About Value Group

In today's volatile market, companies' successes are dependent on a robust distribution channel that is able to provide a framework to deliver their goods effectively. The Value Group, with over 20 years experience in supply chain solutions, stepped up to the mark and has become the supply chain partner of choice for many of South Africa's leading brands.
The Value Group was born from Value Truck Rental, founded in 1981 by Group CEO, Steven Gottschalk, and listed on the JSE, (Transport Sector) in 1998.
At Value we believe that the needs of our customers are the driving force that has today positioned us as one of the largest and most comprehensive transport and logistics companies in South Africa. Whether your requirement is for basic truck rental, car rental or a complete customized solution, the relationship you will enjoy with our organization is one of trust and reliability. Your business will be in secure hands.
The Value Group has grown from strength to strength, starting with the purchase of Freightpak, on the 1st March 1999, followed by the acquisition of Rent-a-Bakkie in late 2000. During 2001, Fleetrent and Fridge Fleet were acquired and 4PL solutions have been offered since.
The Value Group operates throughout the Republic of South Africa and has become the leading supplier of merchandise transport, warehousing, distribution and logistics solutions, with more than 5,500 employees

Value was rated a leader in 3rd party logistics by Barnard Jacobs Mellet in 1999.

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28 February 2013

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