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Moving Billboards & Outdoor Billboard Advertising

Stationery billboards suffer inherent shortcomings: being static they are exposed to a constant audience that regularly passes the viewing point, and research has shown that they lose their effectiveness after 4-5 weeks as they become ‘part of the scenery’. This requires that the message must constantly be changed – at great expense – to remain effective.

Value’s Fleet Media Advertising division offers clients a solution to overcome these problems with its ‘Moving Billboards’ – mobile media likely to be seen by many different people every day in pre-determined areas and thereby ensuring the message will remain fresh and effective throughout the campaign period.

Today’s audiences are highly mobile and outdoor billboard advertising has become an attractive and cost-effective mass marketing medium. Value operates some 4 100 vehicles through a network of depots across South Africa, and customers can now realise the opportunity to utilise the Value fleet transporting their merchandise for their own branding opportunities by turning Value vehicles into larger-than-life promotional billboards along their routes.

Full-colour graphic images on a large moving truck capture the attention of the man-in-the-street, motorists, passengers and pedestrians in highly populated areas with major traffic flows, and on well-traveled national and regional roads. Value Moving Billboards offer a cost effective, totally measurable advertising medium in any required area to the client’s required target market.

The process begins with an analysis of the client’s campaign and an assessment of the most effective use of vehicles on specific routes. Daylight-travel vehicles are identified for this purpose. Selection is based on the demographics of each client’s selected market.

Vehicles are tracked 24 hours per day, and a minimum distance traveled by each vehicle is guaranteed by Value. If this minimum distance is not achieved, the campaign will continue to run, free of charge, until the minimum distance is covered. If a vehicles covers a greater distance in the campaign period, that is to the client’s advantage at no extra cost.

In addition, vehicles can be placed and utilised at major functions and events or at shopping centres and other venues, drawing attention to clients’ current campaigns in the area.

Different campaigns can be run simultaneously or can be changed at the cost of new print. In an emergency situation, where a client requires to respond timeously and effectively, special arrangement on an exception basis could be put in place to mobilise select vehicles and move them to a specific area with applicable promotional material displayed.

Material is created and displayed on both sides of each selected vehicle. Medium and large vehicles boast an advertising space from 4-35 m² each. Billboards are printed in full colour onto PVC and varnished to combat fading.

The basic costs involved include the hire of the vehicle, the framework required, the production of the graphics to be mounted on the frames, and insurance against damage. Terms and conditions apply.

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